#2: Language

I’ve given a lot of thought about the language I should use for this project. One of my considerations undeniably has been the wish to make this project known as broad as possible. Since there’s not much literature on ‘association management’ in Belgium – or at least I have not yet discovered it – and our Dutch friends don’t have any scruples using the English language and especially Anglo-Saxon resources when they are talking about association management, I thought it would be better to write down the scope of my mission as well as important conclusions in English. It’s not my native language, and my University education entailing at least academic, literary English, seems to have come to a grinding halt a long time ago – therefore behold, many mistakes will be mine.

Still, I’ve promised myself that the language should not come to stand in the way of unambiguous clarity and transparency of what I’m trying to say. Therefore I shall be using my native tongue whenever I feel more comfortable with it, and especially where it is important to make the correct nuances in meaning. I want to apologize in advance to non-Dutch speakers for that. Finally, I would like to make the following reflection: will the Internet have a different impact on small language-groups, than on bigger ones ? Will this rather ‘local’ element play a role in how the Internet changes or influences the way associations act ? Note to myself to look further into this.


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