#1: Why ?

When I talked enthusiastically about this project to my wife, she came up with a very relevant question – disregarding the Big Question for a moment. Why ? Why would I want to pursue such a quest  ? Especially since my professional business  (i.e. 2Mpact) is doing well and provides customers satisfactory services regarding internet for associations. Still, sometimes it feels like we are just chasing after the facts. We develop tailor-made websites, giving the customer what he needs, fighting the temptation to make things bigger than necessary, perhaps not always looking far enough ahead, keeping it “lean and mean”. But then again, do we want a robust instrument, based on Internet technology, protecting us from unforeseen events or developments ? A bit like an Arch of Noah, solid, but motionless, with the shutters kept closed, waiting until the storm has passed by. I first called this project Plan B, because I felt it could well become an escape-route, if not an essential challenge for my future and that of my company.

Jeff Jarvis eventually convinced me that I have to do this. He triggered me with his book What Would Google Do ? He not only analyzes the impact of Google on today’s perception of the world, he also tries to scrutinize the impact of Google-think on a wide range of economic activities (Google bank, Google car-manufacturer, Google insurance-broker, etc.).  It made me think: What would Google Do with Associations? And since I didn’t find this in his book, I wrote Jarvis an e-mail which he immediately replied to:

“ I’m sure you know better than I do what associations can do. They are communities and the more open they are, the better. I’d start there. Best. Jeff ” 

And  so I did. Need to say more ? 


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