#TFOA 23: Metamorphosis: A Defining Success Factor for Associations

 Quoting for future reference from Jim Carroll’s article Metamorphosis: A Defining Success Factor for Associations:

“It is quite likely that your membership base will become increasingly transient and temporary. Many will be in a situation in which they will have multiple different careers throughout their lifetime. While members of the pas might belong to your associations for a few decades, in the future they might have a relationship with you for only a few years, or perhaps even months, before they move on. Your relevance to them is declining. They will connect and network in different ways; they might not need the particular solution set that your association provides. With rapid knowledge growth, they will be far more specialized, more niche-oriented in their focus. And given their entrepreneurial background, they will often self-organize themselves into affinity groups that might last but for a short period of time, bypassing you in favour of quick moving knowledge groups. Your inability to respond to their needs will render your role less significant.”

Full article (PDF, 9MB)


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