#TFOA 28: Future Internet – the Eiffel think tank

Quoting for future reference “The Eiffel Report” (link PDF),  the final document of a think tank project supported by the EU Framework Program 7. The think tank is set within the context of broad commercial, regulatory and academic concerns about the nature of and process of arriving at the Future Internet.

One thing is for sure, the depth of the embedding of internet technology within society has resulted in a very complex approach of society as a whole. That means that it also

“directly affects the style researchers use to conduct research, posing questions on how to engage stakeholders and on how to embed processes of market selection and government control into the development of solutions by allowing the expression of such concerns in the runtime of the system rather than at design time.”

Amongst many other interesting insights, I just want to quote this one about Information Overload:

“A challenge will be to evolve approaches that reflect the human and social approaches to dealing with overload. We are already doing that in what are probably simple ways in social networking contexts. We group our friends;  we create channels for topics, and so forth. We are beginning to cluster the world around us, but we are only at early stages.”

Website: http://www.fp7-eiffel.eu


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