#TFOA 50: Think Zeppos – a turning point

Time to stand still at post number 50 on my TFOA-journey. It has become clear that everything I have been reading and writing is pointing towards a particular vision on how associations will have to act in the future. Especially the leaders of those associations are awaiting a hell of a job. I am considering calling it the Zeppos-principle! I’m using the character of Captain Zeppos, a rather mysterious character in a local television show, because he was a fierce captain, a hero in how he stayed in control and succeeded in getting things right. Moreover, he was driving a strange amphibious car, for me a metaphor that he is flexible and is able to adapt to unknown or unforeseen circumstances. Not only a broker of ideas, a visionary manager, but also an energetic and capable leader. That is why I have decided to take a new initiative, on top of TFOA: I’ve started a Newsletter on Association Management in Belgium. Today, March 17th, I will present the first edition to a group of Belgian Association Managers during EMIF 2010 in Brussels. I’ve rewritten some material of TFOA and there are some new items (e.g. case-studies, news about associations in general etc).

You can download it here (PDF) – it is in Dutch however.

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