#TFOA 72 : Engagement

 Quoting for future reference David Gammel on engagement within associations. A must read article.

“Strategy is the bridge between mission and action. Viewing engagement with your organization through the metaphor of a planned progression helps you to not only provide a diversified set of offerings in a logical sequence but will also help to retain and increase engagement rapidly with each person who comes into contact with your organization. This makes engagement a strategic bridge from your mission to the actual products, programs, and services that you offer.

The key to successful engagement is to have many opportunities before and after membership that accelerate people from low to high throughout the course of their relationship with the organization. Each level must be designed with the intent to graduate people to higher-value actions and activities to maximize the health of the organization. This definition and visualization of engagement acceleration makes it easy to spot specific areas where a focused investment can pay off handsomely. “

[Alexander Saron]

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