Strategies for Tomorrow’s Innovative Associations

Association management company MCI Benelux has published a remarkable Whitepaper: Strategies for tomorrow’s Innovative Associations as a result of an survey among 450 trade and professional associations. No less than 8 strategies to ensure future relevance have been defined and what’s more scrutinized thoroughly:
• Set a sustainable framework,
• Position your association as a thought leader
• Demonstrate value and relevance to members
• Develop new initiatives and revenue streams
• Constantly innovate
• Extend your outreach through partnerships and alliances
• Communicate, communicate, communicate
• Invest in future leaders

The analysis is not only inspiring, at times it is Sharp and forewarning: “We would advise associations to guard against complacency. We believe we are seeing a trend towards greater competition in an increasingly crowded association marketplace and only those associations with a clearly differentiated vision, strategy and structure are likely to survive in the longer-term.”

New times imply new ways of thinking and acting. The overall conclusion is: “Associations must be the authoritative source of knowledge and industry and policy intelligence and be seen as the thought leader in their sectors if they are to be a credible and respected interlocutor with industry, members, policy-makers and regulators.”
Definitely a mustread for every Association Executive.

MCI rapport

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