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21st Century Collaboration in Action: The Path To Belgium’s First AMC

Onder deze titel verscheen mijn artikel “Here’s looking at you, AMC’ als  gastblogpost op de blog van SocialFish van Maddie Grant. Het is een korte introductie tot de geactualiseerde resultaten nav de meetup in Brussel op 15/11/2013 met enkele verenigingsmanagementbureaus.

Link naar WhitePaper (PDF, English):

Here’s looking at you, AMC

Life would have been so beautiful. Imagine discovering a business model to provide professional services for associations. All- inclusive, state of the art, a myriad of cases and best practices confirming its raison d’être. Just take it off the shelf, and use it. Go on!

What if we would call ourselves the first Belgian Association Management Company (AMC) and do what our esteemed colleagues in the US are doing? Moreover, we noticed that next door, in the Netherlands, some companies were doing it too. And even closer by in Brussels there is  a Euro-international enclave where highly educated people speak and breathe association management.

Unfortunately it immediately became clear that it would be challenging to translate the big numbers of big associations, the complexity of international and European associations and foremost the overall professionalism in their approach to our local scene. The Belgian environment consists of some 600 organizations, of which only 1 in 2 has staff, all together approximately 3000 association professionals. In short, a whole different world compared to the one outside.

So we thought to find comfort looking at other AMC’s in Europe working for local associations. How this journey, resulting in a meet-up in Brussels last year, turned out to be quite surprising, found its way in this ‘small document of ideas’. Take a look (PDF).